Mjølner is a Great Place to Work!

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Mjølner is a Great Place to Work!

… and now we have it in writing.

Mjølner comes in third on Great Place to Work‘s list of Denmark’s Best IT Workplaces and seventh on their Best Medium-sized Workplace-list!

Trust, Pride and Community

Great Place to Work conduct their survey in a spectrum of three core values; trust, pride and community.

At Mjølner, 93% of all employees participated, and here are some of the comments we’re most proud of:

  • Mjølner is a great place to grow your competencies.
  • At Mjølner we have mutual respect for one another.
  • Mjølner’s management is open and responsive.


Great Place to Work is an international research, consulting and training firm dedicated to create and sustain great workplaces all over the globe.

The aim of their survey is to pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement for the individual workplace, and as an extra feature it ranks the best workplaces in the specific country.

Here in Denmark, Great Place to Work uses five different lists and Mjølner ranks in two of them: Best Medium-sized Workplace and Best IT Workplace.

With lots of newfound knowledge from the survey, we’ll work for an even better ranking next year!

  • torsdag nov 14, 2013