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Master’s Thesis: GUI Testing in TouchGFX

Master’s Thesis: Technical IT students, Jesper Gaarsdal and Jacob Emborg Sønderskov have just started writing their Master’s Thesis about GUI testing in TouchGFX. In this post, you can learn what the aim of their thesis is, why they find TouchGFX testing interesting and what design they are working with at this stage.

The title of our Master’s thesis is Automated GUI Testing of Low-Resource Embedded Systems, and our aim is to build an automated GUI testing framework for TouchGFX. An interesting twist to our thesis is that the case we are working with is also the source of the resource constraint: TouchGFX.

A Lack in an Otherwise Popular Field of Research

Automated GUI testing of smartphone applications has been a popular field of research for a while now, and many of the resulting methods and tools are applicable outside of the Android/iOS domain.

These tools however, all work under the assumption that the device tested has the memory and processing power of flagship smartphone models from the last couple of years. This is what we want to change.

Our aim is to design a framework capable of executing automated tests on the GUI of low-resource devices using TouchGFX.

Enabling Easy and Dynamic Extensions

The current design, as seen below, is based on a partitioning of the framework on a host computer and a target device. Our primary goals are to reduce the amount of test code on the target device and to keep the contamination of the application tested at a minimum.


For the top presentation layer of our Proof of Concept we plan to use the open source script based GUI testing framework, Robot Framework. This enables the test designer to write test cases in spreadsheets based on the principles of Keyword-driven Testing.

We chose to work with this framework as it enables easy and dynamic extension by adding new test libraries written in Python or Java.

Confident the Result Will Benefit Mjølner and Their Clients

We are very excited about writing this thesis and confident that we will achieve a result that Mjølner and their customers can benefit from in the very near future.

Our Master’s Thesis will be finished this summer, and we will make sure you get to know more by then.

by Jesper Gaarsdal & Jacob Emborg Sønderskov

  • onsdag feb 26, 2014