Draupner Graphics Will Be the New Home of TouchGFX

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Draupner Graphics Will Be the New Home of TouchGFX

TouchGFX will be the first product in the portfolio of the newly established Draupner Graphics. Three staff members from Mjølner Informatics will join Draupner Graphics, led by Brian Jeppesen, who is also CEO of Mjølner Informatics.

The History

TouchGFX is a unique software framework enabling high-end graphics and modern touch functions in everything from ovens to gas pumps. With its innovative use of computing resources, TouchGFX empowers the industry to fulfil expectations of consumers while keeping prices at a favorable level.

Mjølner discovered a gap in the market back in 2010: Consumers want smartphone-like touch controls in their products, but they will not pay smartphone-like prices. This was the beginning of TouchGFX.

TouchGFX is now ready for the global market. Draupner Graphics will make sure that the framework will give international clients what they need.


“TouchGFX is a result of the unique diversity found at Mjølner Informatics. Working with Interaction Design, Software Development, and Digitial Innovation, we discovered an opportunity no one else had recognized. With the establishment of Draupner Graphics, we have created the framework needed for international distribution and focused our internal product development which benefits the industry.”


“The interest in TouchGFX has exceeded our wildest imagination. I look forward to delivering the great news about Draupner Graphics to our clients. They have gained a partner with a sharper focus, who will draw on the sister company’s many years of experience.

Visit the new TouchGFX website to learn more.

  • fredag sep 12, 2014