Year In Review At Mjølner

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Year In Review At Mjølner

2016 was a staggeringly positive year for us at Mjølner. We are proud of all the projects and awards we have been part of.

Great Place to Work awarded us as the 34th best workplace in Europe in the category of Small and Medium-sized workplaces, between 50-500 employees. This award was a recognition of our workplace as an organization that focuses on creating and sustaining a high-trust, high-integrity, and high-performing culture for our employees.

Furthermore, it-forum awarded us with their annual IT Award. For that, we feel humble and grateful.

We experienced a high interest for our two new departments, Data Science and Internet of Things. Our new package solutions have been flying off the shelves. Especially Hands-On Hackathon and Data Exploration.

It has also been a fruitful year at Mjølner: 12 of our employees have become parents (again, for some of them).

Check out the infographic above to get a sense of just how great our year at Mjølner was.

Here’s to an even more exciting and positive year ahead: 2017. Happy New Year!