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Let Us Meet Your Complex Needs
with Our Diversity at Work

As a one-stop consultancy, we drive inspiration through diversity. We take you from idea to digital product with plug and play solutions or use our expert services to support you along the way.

Diversity is more than a value to us. It is an applied method for everything we do. Our areas-of-expertise are built on these main skillsets.


Innovation & Design

Our Innovation & Design team boasts over ten years of successful operation. Our projects vary greatly from quick interface fixes, over large-scale user research and strategy analysis, to 360° design solutions including complete design suites.


IoT & Mobility

6.4 billion connected devices in 2016. Our team of experienced developers and architects know how to make them work for your business. We understand your real-time requirements and master the art of creating an overall system coherence.


Platforms & Architecture

Whether you are buillding a new software system or enhancing an existing system with new features, it is crutial to find the rigth platforms and architecture. We thrive with complex challenges and have successfully helped clients improve their business with well-integrated IT solutions since 1988.


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