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Platforms & Architecture

Enhancing a business by integrating new solutions into an existing IT architecture is a difficult task that requires expertise, overview, and creativity. We thrive with complex challenges and have successfully helped clients improve their business with well-integrated IT solutions since 1988.

The aim for all projects is to integrate our customized, user-centric solution seamlessly into your existing IT system. The best solution is one that amazes by way of simplicity. We create systems that quickly become invisible, yet profoundly indispensable.

By making the gathering, manipulation, and visualization of huge data sets effortless, we enhance your business and create significant value to employees and business partners alike. Whether you need to find the right information fast or are in the process of spotting system failures before they happen, our experts can help you achieve your goal.

Mjølner is your one-stop-shop, when it comes to software solutions. As a software and design consultancy, our biggest asset is our ability to work collaborate. Designers and developers share offices and know how to get the best of cooperate. We offer a complete and sturdy solution including ideation, design, implementation, and support in one. encompassing package.

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What we can do for you

While our full service offer can take you from A to Z, we can also help you with more specific tasks ranging from minor check-ups to major re-designs:

  • Data Visualization
  • System Integration
  • Research and Analyzing
  • Complete Solutions
  • B2B Strategy
  • System Evaluation
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