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Danske Bank Went From Rough Ideas to Tangible And Tested Prototype

Project Description

The Client

The Danske Bank Group, headquartered in Copenhagen, is the largest bank in Denmark and one of the leading financial enterprises in northern Europe with over 5 million retail customers.

The Challenge

Fraud is a growing problem in the financial industry. To put it in simple terms, it has become more convenient for criminals to initiate false payments than to rob a bank.

Fraudsters have several ways of tricking large amounts from companies and it usually involves the payment approval process. This type of fraud involves an estimated $8 billion a year. Danske Bank is constantly working on minimizing this risk for customers. They wanted to add an extra security module to the system in order to help prevent payment fraud.

The Solution

In order to get specific and create a user-friendly and inviting new system module, Danske Bank brought Mjølner in.

The work process with Danske Bank went through our traditional user interface concept course, followed by prototype experience test sessions, investigating concept value and ease of use concerning targeted customers.

We helped facilitate a structured process for converting ideas to concrete and tangible basis for decision and user-testing. Danske Bank had talked about the idea internally for a while, and they had been through several drafts of solution suggestions. They needed our help to take their ideas and turn them into a user-friendly and transparent module that fitted within the realm of their online business banking system.

For the kickoff meeting, Mjølner facilitated a structured workshop course. We set up a framework that assisted them in deciding on what to include and how to structure it. Mjølner helped create an overview in order to pick out the most important features. An essential part of the workshop was creating KPI’s for this new addition to their preexisting online system. We facilitated questions such as: “How do we measure whether the final product is a success or not?”

Following the workshop, the UX consultant and graphic designer from Mjølner had lots of material to work with and design from. Essentially, they created a holistic overview and scoped the effort with so-called ‘vertical dives’ into a few chosen, important, and specific parameters.

Throughout a short period of roughly two weeks, Mjølner had the first draft ready. It went through a few reviews at Danske Bank with comments and corrections before the prototype was ready.

Now, it was set for user testing. Danske Bank recruited a handful of business test participants. Together with domain experts from Danske Bank, we carried out the test sessions in order to create the efficient and accurate hypothesis-driven testing course we always strive to achieve. Our customers also find that this approach provides them with great opportunity to establish first hand relationships with their customers, often revealing valuable insights.

We created a collection of structured questions in order to carry out the role of test moderator. Besides testing the functionality and level of intuitive performance of the new module, our experts were also interested in observing if any particular elements would create extra great value.

Ultimately, the test was succesful, and the course was concluded with thank-you gift baskets for the test participants and a presentation of the results to Danske Bank.

Added Value

Before Mjølner entered the picture, Danske Bank held several meetings about their issue. They had good ideas about the module they wanted to add to their preexisting online business system, but they needed help faciliating and, foremost, designing it.

After going through the user interface concept design and prototype test session courses with Mjølner, they now have a validated and tested solution they can share internally with relevant stakeholders. They have gained a good basis in order to get the product through the following gate and decide what the next step should be.

Essentially, with the help from Mjølner, Danske Bank quickly went from loose ideas to a tangible and well-tested design.

Project Details

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Mjølner’s fast-paced approach and facilitation was the perfect set-up for our ideas to come to life in a clear and user-friendly design. This ensured that we were on track with the right solution before development began.
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