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Densou Trading Desk: World-Class Design For Weather-Based Advertising

Project Description


Densou Trading Desk is the leading independent RTB agency (real time bidding) in Europe. The company works with some of the world’s largest publishers and advertisers. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Densou is currently active in 9 markets globally.


By creating a world-class design, Mjølner helped Densou kickstart their new weather-based advertising product.


Mjølner’s User Interface Concept Design package was perfect for this project.

We started off with a workshop together with Densou. In the workshop, our UX consultant included, among others, the following headlines and talking points:

  • Baseline discussion – what are we doing and how is it creating business value?
  • Personas – who are the users and what makes them tick?
  • Inspiration & Ideation – brainstorming and ideas
  • Value Cloud – aligning on key values to incorporate in the design process
  • Customer Journeys – taking a fictional customer through an entire journey using the system
  • Conceptualization & Scoping – aquiring the holistic overview and rating features

Five days after the workshop, Mjølner provided a first draft of our suggested solution to a world class user interface for Densou’s new product.

The draft included a holistic overview of the solution, as well as so-called ‘vertical dives’ with focus on specific parts of the overall plan.

Densou loved our first draft, so we continued during the following nine days with the next iteration in which we finished a high-fidelity clickable prototype that introduced the concept and design.

The entire UI project was based on a design-thinking approach, and that was what we aimed to facilitate. When the project was finished, two Mjølner staffers had created a lively prototype in just 14 days.


We were able to create a high-end prototype with very little time spent on the project by Densou’s team. They were able to leave it to Mjølner to create the UI they needed to end up with a world-class product.

Initiating the software development process is extremely expensive – especially if you find out afterwards that something in the design needs to be changed. Our UX consultans can emulate an experience that feels extremely close to the final product without inserting a single line of code.

That’s why the UX footwork is an investment in a more complete process from day one. In the end, the result is money saved on otherwise costly changes further into the process. Given you have the right insights, a User Interface Concept Design is the perfect way to kickoff a new digital product.

In other words, we explore and validate what your customers want before you actually start spending the big bucks on developing it.

Do you want to know more about what we can do to add business value to your digital product? Contact Senior UX Consultant Kasper Mathias Svendsen for more information:

You can also see our designs in Densou’s promotion video:

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Mjølner worked efficiently and created a world-class design for our product.
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