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Kamstrup: Cross-Platform Prototype In 100 Hours

Project Description

We delivered technical proof-of-concept for Kamstrup’s READy app. Based on a pre-study, we built a prototype providing clarification for their technical and business possibilities within cross-platform mobile development.

Kamstrup is among the world’s leading total suppliers of intelligent metering solutions. Their solutions cover meters for electricity, heat, cooling, and water.

Energy and water meters are installed in homes worldwide and reduce administrative burdens for collecting and billing water consumption.

Professional Service Tool

READy is a very useful service tool for professionals working on water and heating plants. It is an Android app using Google Maps to place metering installations.

With the app, service technicians can read meters simply by driving or walking in a close-by area. Phone calls or text messages do not interfere with the app.

Technical Clarification

Kamstrup wanted to investigate the possibilities of making READy a cross-platform app, functioning on iOS and Windows Phone in addition to the Android platform.

It was important for Kamstrup to maintain specific features of the existing Android app in the cross-platform solution. For instance, the app needed to be able to run undisturbed in the background of phones and certain Bluetooth possibilities should be present.

It was with these criteria in mind that Kamstrup turned to Mjølner and asked for assistance.

Mjølner is a skilled business partner and one we trust to do the job. We are happy with the result they delivered.

– Finn Rasmussen, Project Manager, Kamstrup

From Pre-Study to Prototype

To explore the READy app’s cross-platform potential, we studied the possible frameworks and technologies.

With basis in the study, we wrote a report on the different platforms, for instance HTML5 and Xamarin, and gave a recommendation on how to move forward in the process.

After receiving the report, Kamstrup wanted a prototype using the recommended framework, which proved to be Xamarin. We outlined the specific demands of the READy app and made a prototype. All in just 100 hours.

Clarification for General Use

Even though this specific cooperation with Kamstrup centered on the READy app and its cross-platform possibilities, the project also gave Kamstrup clarification for their future mobile development.

The solution is valuable to us as it provides a solid background for decision-making processes in the future.

– Finn Rasmussen, Project Manager, Kamstrup

In Need of a Prototype?

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Mjølner is a skilled business partner and one we trust to do the job. We are happy with the result they delivered.
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