Mjølner at AUHack: A User-Centric Approach Is The Only Way

Above: Johan Francisco Cordoba-Carstensen. Photo Credit: AUHack & MLH

Aarhus University was buzzing this weekend, as it jump-started and conducted AUHack, the university’s largest hackathon.

Over the course of 36 hours, IT-interested students met, formed groups, and worked intensively to create awesome prototypes and concepts.

To spike the hackers’ creativity, experienced peers and professionals presented their best practices and hands-on experiences in front of an engaged crowd.


Johan, our UX Trainee, shared key learnings from his work with one of our clients. We cannot tell you who it is, but the client deals with high pressure situations, complex decision making, and helicopters.


The top three points from Johan’s presentation are:

  • To create the best possible IT product, you need to apply a user-centric approach.
  • A user-centric approach requires a diverse skill set, including UX, development, design, and domain.
  • Working closely together across disciplines is a win-win approach. The closer, the better.


Give Johan a call at +45 41 95 36 28 or write him an email at jfc@mjolner.dk if you’re eager to learn more about working with UX at Mjølner, and check out our open internship position here.