Chris Piechotta, Software Developer

Job Position: Software Developer, Mobile.
Employee since: 2012.
Educational Background: Bachelor’s and master’s degree in Information Technology.

Fun fact: I have worked for Carlsberg before and during my student years. It led to some quite funny side-jobs with for instance bartending.

What Is it You Work With?

I’ve worked with mobile development pretty much since I started working at Mjølner. I have been assigned to projects for large financial institutions and international companies, such as Big Dutchman and Terma, where I was stationed as an external consultant for six months. Now, I am working on a project for Bankdata.

I’m currently part of a team of eight, developing mobile apps for both iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Recently, we started on an exciting new iOS project, where we develop an app entirely from scratch in Apple’s new programming language, Swift.

Why Do You Like Working at Mjølner?

I believe, that in order to keep challenging yourself and continuously improving your skills, you need to surround yourself with exceptionally skilled people, who are better at what you do, than yourself. This is what I have found here at Mjølner, talented colleagues to learn from and grow with.

The variation of projects and the general role of the consultant, where you get to work on various projects on different platforms and with different technologies, is for me another very appealing aspect in working here.

How Do Your Skills Contribute to Success?

Well, I am just really good at what I do – and so are my colleagues. We are a strong team, and we learn a lot from each other. In general, I believe knowledge sharing to be a fundamental part of being a developer. The best solutions are almost always found when the team truly blends.

To me, the interest in mobile development is a balance between work and hobby. When I am off work, I spend a lot of time researching, in order to stay up to date on technologies and frameworks. This helps me further my skills and contribute successfully to our projects.

Is There Something You Are Especially Proud of?

That would have to be my team. We reach our deadlines within the given settings. Reaching deadlines is not always a matter of course when dealing with software. I could have said that I am most proud of the products we produce, but I believe that the actual processes that lead to the results are equally important to keep delivering high quality software.

The teamwork here at Mjølner, I am proud to be part of. I appreciate that we get the time to engage in Mjølner’s internal communities. At present, I am participating in two communities engaged with software testing and software architecture, respectively.

/ Chris Piechotta, Software Developer