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Tryg and PensionDanmark have joined forces on a digital solution, BehandlerBooking, which will make it easier for insurance and pension clients to book a treatment with a physiotherapist and chiropractor. The solution will also ease administration tasks for the therapists and the insurance companies.
Mjølner is the proud supplier of the 'engine' in the system, namely the part that makes the therapists’ and the insurance companies’ IT systems communicate smoothly.
The project was carried out by 25 of Mjølner's IT experts, who, after about a year of development work, were able to deliver a solution at the agreed time, price, and quality.

Health insurance administration is a complex matter. The large insurance companies, such as Tryg and PensionDanmark, work together with treatment clinics across the country. Patients can choose where they want their sore back treated, and the insurance companies must administer this. As it can be difficult, Tryg and PensionDanmark wanted to have a more agile and easy process, to make the business more scalable, and to make it easier for therapists and patients to book the right treatment.

Mjølner helped develop a completely new system for mediating between the insurance companies and the clinics that are affiliated.


”We have had an extremely positive collaboration with Mjølner on this IT project. They are technically proficient and very agile in their approach to digitilization. It is my experience that the delivered solution is of very high quality,”

says Director of Tryg’s Growth Centres, Jytte Vadmand Adelmark.


Focus on Behavior Driven Development, Agility, and Testing

Mjølner was chosen as the supplier for BehanderBooking’s ‘engine’ on the basis of our reputation as an agile development company that delivers large and complex IT solutions on time and for the agreed price. Mjølner’s expertise in test and safety was also a contributing factor. We have solid experience with microservices, and Tryg and PensionDanmark wanted BehanderBooking to have a microservice architecture.



At the beginning of the project, we held workshops with the individual suppliers of the clinic systems. We did this to ensure validation, adjustments, and further development of the first requirements specifications for the new system, which Tryg and PensionDanmark themselves had prepared. We needed certification of what the system was expected to do, for example when a patient makes a booking.

What in technical terms is called ‘Domain Level Requirements’, was translated into specific requirements. We used the ‘Behavior Driven Development’ (BDD) method to make these requirements completely pointed, concrete, and manageable. So specific requirements, or User Stories, could be directly translated into executable test cases. That way, we were able to sit down with the suppliers of the various clinic systems and write, in a natural language, what requirements they had for the digital solution. We translated this directly into executable code and were thus sure that the requirements for the solution were met.


Strong Project Management of Large, High-Quality IT Project

This method was, in addition to skilled professionals, the reason why we ended up with a pre-delivered system of high quality. The customer helped define the requirements directly for executable code.

Mjølner’s team for the task consisted of a strong project management team with a senior project manager, a senior architect, and a senior test manager. In addition, we posed with an expert team consisting of, among others, a security expert and a devops expert who were to assist the two development teams on duty. With this organization, we ensured an agile development process with a focus on safety, as the project contained health data.



“It has been extremely educational to work with Mjølner’s very competent team. I have never encountered such good quality built into an IT solution right from the start. There was high quality in both business clarifications, architecture, development processes, and not least in the code. It is a pleasure to see that IT systems can be built so quickly, robustly, and efficiently,”

says Louise Kelstrup, who is an external consultant and who participated in Mjølner’s team as a test manager.


The solution was handed over to Tryg and PensionDanmark at the agreed time, price, and quality. BehandlerBooking has now been put into use, and there is great interest from the clinics and support from both the physiotherapist and chiropractor association, because the solution not only makes it easier for customers, but also much more flexible for the clinics, which now only have to work in one system.

Hundreds of clinics have already signed up for BehandlerBooking, and the newly formed company expects the total number of clinics on the system to reach approximately 700 during this year.

The client

Tryg is the largest non-life insurance company in Denmark and the second largest in the Nordic region. They offer insurance to private customers and companies in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Every fourth Dane is insured through Tryg.

PensionDanmark is founded and owned by a number of trade unions and employers' associations to administer the pension agreements that have been part of the agreements since the beginning more than 25 years ago, and which ensure all covered employees the right to pension contributions paid to PensionDanmark. In addition to the pension scheme, they offer a social safety net in the event of illness, death, need for early retirement, or training assistance.


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