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A strong partnership between Bankdata and Mjølner started in 2013 with the result of a long-term mobile development agreement. In addition to an ongoing consulting collaboration, we have since i.a. delivered a mobile solution to CFOs on the go.

When Bankdata at the beginning of 2019 faced the development of a new Wealth Overview for advisers, the IT company again chose to collaborate with Mjølner. The new collaboration sent two of our colleagues to Bankdata's development office in Aarhus; a software developer and an architect.

With the new product, Formueoverblik (Wealth Overview), Bankdata wanted to achieve several things:

  1. A great solution that appeals to both advisors and clients
  2. Familiarity with the new PaaS platform

The use of the PaaS platform requires knowledge of the processes that are naturally invited when working with modern tools and technology. Formueoverblik was an obvious place to work this up.

DevOps with PaaS: The developers get the opportunity to run the solution themselves

PaaS stands for ‘Platform as a Service’ and means that to some extent the infrastructure is abstracted away by using a high degree of automation and containers. This makes it easier to handle the product both during development, but also when it is to be operated. PaaS gives developers the opportunity to largely run their own solutions – a practice known as DevOps.


The DevOps practice is to that extent a paradigm shift, from a highly standardized way of developing software, to a setup that to a much greater extent transfers the responsibility to the developers. What you get in return for the increased responsibility is higher agility and a 360 degree responsibility for the solutions locally in the executive team.

CICD: Shorter from code to value

CICD is the combined software development practice to integrate and implement continuously. CICD is an abbreviation for ‘Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment’. With CICD, the code comes out faster and creates value for the end user, and you ensure the right quality.


IT paradigm shift requires behavioral changes in developer staff

With the introduction of new workflows and tools in a large and highly competent IT organization also comes the need to change human behavior.


“Modernizing software in the world of finance and banking has been a common thread throughout my working life. The first stage of the transformation is always crucial – people need to be on board. At Bankdata, this stage was nicely uncomplicated. The team was deeply motivated from the start. A pleasure to step into as a consultant.”

– Erik Olsen, Software Architect, Mjølner Informatics


The team behind the work with Formueoverblik consisted of six internal Bankdata developers in addition to the developer and architect from Mjølner.

A strong match on both skills and personality

There is no doubt that the effective work of modernizing Formueoverblik is largely due to a strong match between Bankdata’s team and Mjølner consultants.


“Mjølner’s consultants are professionally strong and skilled at collaboration, knowledge sharing, and seeing the big connections for the individual products. That is why Mjølner is one of our preferred suppliers in the software area.”

– Jesper Lund Klaris, Head of Department, Bankdata


The work with service-oriented architecture, Paas, CICD, etc., are important focus areas for Mjølner and working so focused and concretely with it on Bankdata’s Formueoverblik was a pleasure.

The client

Bankdata is one of Denmark's largest finance IT houses. With headquarters in Fredericia and development offices in both Silkeborg and Aarhus, they deliver community solutions to the financial sector.


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