Unleashed UI Design Potential on PsiControl’s Hardware –”It Is Perfect”

State-of-the-art GUI design for PsiControl’s newest demo device.
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Mjølner Informatics developed state-of-the-art design, ready to implement on PsiControl’s newest demo device, meant for display at tech fairs around Europe. The result was an astonishing demo with iPhone-like look and feel, implemented on cost-effective hardware. 

Belgian-based PsiControl develops and produces custom-made Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) and electronic controls. They focus on realizing the highest possible experience-to-cost ratio. That is why they chose to work with Mjølner Informatics, an expert in platform performance optimization with state-of-the-art UI design.


Unleashed Hardware Potential

The specific project was an animated HMI-demo with a curved display touch screen. The challenge for Mjølner was to create a distinctive design for the demo’s Graphic User Interface (GUI). The design should include swipe, scroll, and drag option, and the screen itself curved.


The goal was to illustrate and unleash the potential of PsiControl’s hardware; what can a sophisticated design do for a piece of hardware? Well, compare it to what a great movie does to a TV.

It unleashes its potential and creates a magical experience. That is what Mjølner does with astonishing design, ready to implement on cost-effective hardware.


Perfect Design With Maximum Performance

“Mjølner created state of the art design and implementation of high-end graphics with maximum performance on our energy efficient hardware display. We are left with a stunning user- and graphical experience on our device – a product that will impress our customers,” says PsiControl’s Product Manager, Jan Servaes.


The coorporation with PsiControl was smooth via Skype meetings. When the design was close to finished, a Skype session was scheduled in order for PsiControl’s Product Manager to review the design. ”It is perfect. Compliments to Mjølner’s UI designers – they are very talented,” he said.

From there, the final product was ready in no time and all set for display at a large tech fair in Frankfurt.



If you’re interested in learning more about this type of solution, feel free to contact our Business Development Manager for this project, Lasse Skov at lsk@mjolner.dk.

The client

PsiControl is a Belgium company, part of the Picanol Group, market leader in weaving machines. PsiControl develops and produces custom-made controllers, HMI and touch devices. PsiControl integrates facilities for design of controller electronics and drives together with in-house electronic production and assembly.


Lasse Skov

Business Development Manager

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