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We can connect your devices in ways that open new business potentials.
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50 billion connected devices in 2020. Let’s make them work for your business.

With the Internet of Things we can make anything from your machines to your inventory intelligent and connected.

Products that tell you when they need service, a supply that keeps itself replenished, or a service that corrects itself according to real-time data. Connecting your devices, services, and data using Cloud technology can drive all sorts of business-boosting advantages. The trick is to know where to focus your efforts and how to make it happen.

Internet of Things is a wide phenomenon. In fact, everything that is able to produce or receive data, can be placed under the term ‘Things’ in Internet of Things.

From our perspective, Internet of Things means that we create systems in which we manage communication between sensors and devices, collect and process data, and present the data in line with your existing business solutions. We draw upon our Internet of Things, Software Development, and Data Insights competencies.

We understand what it takes to integrate software across different hardware platforms and how to ensure the usability of each individual device. Your business goals, customers, and users are at the center of it all.

 “With Internet of Things, we can solve business problems from A to Z: from industry hardware that sends data to User Experience, design, and software applications.”


System development, system evaluation, and system integration.

Design and implementation of data collections from your existing devices.

Integration of data collections and devices.

Michael Heegaard
Director, Sales, Strategy & Partnerships

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