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Create new digital workflows with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.
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The hype curve is behind us and Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality is finally ready for business.

Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) have been around for years, especially in the gaming and entertainment industries. Important experiences have been made and the technologies have matured, and VR, AR, and MR have survived the journey over the hype curve and are quietly about to land with both legs on the ground again.

This is good news, especially for the industry, where there are also solid use cases to find inspiration in. There are great potentials in the new technology in a business context.

Especially product development, training and support, and the trade fair and presentation areas hold great opportunities.

With VR, you can create a complete virtual space over which you have full control. AR allows you to enrich reality with virtual elements and with MR these elements can be anchored and interactable.

This gives you the opportunity to create new digital workflows that will benefit your business.


1. Start

Create a 3D model of your new product, define animations and sounds, and create an interactive display prototype. You can easily set it up with SEIDR, which you will find for free in the Unity Asset Store.

2. Testers

Connect the stakeholders you need to validate and test your product. Location is not an obstacle. Simply invite them into your virtual environment.

3. Choose a scene

Select a scene from the SEIDR environment library that match your product’s use context.

4. Upload

Upload your 3D model to the VR platform SEIDR, put on your VR glasses and start the experience.

5. Interaction

With a clickable display layer on your virtual product, you get as close to the physical product experience as possible. There is interaction between model, environment, and the interactive display.

6. Feedback

Gather feedback and get started on your next product iteration. Repeat until you reach a product worth starting your production line for.
Henrik Goul
User Experience Consultant

Do you have questions or need more information about our VR, AR, and MR services? Give Henrik a call.