3 Action Points to Elevate Digital Growth in Denmark

At Internet Week Denmark and Business Development Day, Mjølner’s CEO Brian keynoted with his points as to how we can maintain and elevate digital growth in Denmark. Get the three main takes here.

Kids Should Learn to Code at an Early Age

Reading and math are the primary skills that kids learn in our public schools. Brian’s claim is that learning basic programming skills and computational thinking is as important to our kids’ education today.

Society is changing because of digitization. Informed citizens of tomorrow need to understand the basics behind the systems that help them lead their lives. We need to teach our kids the skills they need to become the digital creators of the future, not just digital users.

We Need to Identify Our Unique Selling Point

5.68 million Danes. We are not a big population. In order to put our mark on the world we need to work together, and that requires a shared focus.

Why should any major company choose Denmark as their location for future development? Is it our creative thinking, strong infrastructure, or maybe our happiness?

Brian believes that one major opportunity for us is to make a serious move to digitize our small and medium-sized enterprises. At Mjølner, we have designed a flow of packaged services to help businesses turn ideas into digital products.

Denmark Must Attract Foreign Talent

There is much talk about adjusting our education system in order to produce talents that match modern market demands. That is a good thing. The only problem is that we need the talents now. Not five years out, but now.

The only way to meet current market demands for expertise is to attract foreign talents. We need to do that by making sure that there is a life here for the entire family that comes with the talent. International school for the kids, jobs for the spouses or partners, and so on.

Closing Remark

A closing remark is that we need to do something, and we need to do it now.  We might be today’s forerunners, but the competitors are speeding up while we are cruising along, believing that our position is safe.  That is not a winning position in the future.

Contact Brian to learn more:

Brian Gottorp Jeppesen
Chief Executive Officer

+ 45 41 95 36 26