New Year’s Reception For Our Freelance Consultants

This Friday, we hosted a New Year’s Reception for our freelance consultants together with our permanent staff. The annual event was a big hit with draft beer, Virtual Reality, and a hot dog stand.

Mjølner’s consultancy department and our affiliated freelance developers are a huge part of our success and the value we bring to our clients.

We hire freelance developers to assist us and our clients in their tasks when our permanently employed coworkers are occupied with other projects. Needless to say, our freelance developers are of great value to our clients, and we only affiliate with the best ones on the market.

We wish to show our freelance developers our gratitude for the work they do in Mjølner’s name. Hence, we opened our doors and invited them in for a glass of beer, a hot dog, and an afternoon of networking and good laughs.

Here’s a selected handful of snaps from the event: