Xamarin Videos: How to Build and Test Apps with Xamarin

On October 8, we hosted a Xamarin Seminar with 100+ participants. The goal was to get the participants up to speed on everything Xamarin.

Xamarin Evangelist Mike James kicked off the seminar with his presentation “Go mobile with C#”.

Karl Krukow and Rasmus Kromann-Larsen from Xamarin’s Test Cloud team shared insight about their set-up and gave a demonstration. Our own Xamarin user Frederik Johansen presented his experience with developing in Xamarin.

Videos, Presentations, and Codes

We had a lot of requests for recordings of the presentations from people that weren’t able to come, and participants who wanted to share the presentations with colleagues and friends. We have gathered it all in this post and hope you’ll enjoy it!

Mike James, Xamarin Evangelist

See the slides from Mike’s presentation here: Go Mobile with C#, and access his code here.

Karl Krokow and Rasmus Kromann-Larsen, Xamarin Test Cloud

See the slides from their presentation here: Xamarin Testing.

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