Say Hi to Our New Colleague

Sofie Aaskov Nielsen, Software Developer

We are happy to announce that Sofie is a new software developer in our Backend department.

Originally from Silkeborg, Sofie now lives in the center of Aarhus together with her boyfriend who is also a software engineer.

Sofie has a Master’s degree in software engineering from Aalborg University. Mjølner is Sofie’s first job after graduating this year.

Nevertheless, Sofie is not foreign to working, only, her experience comes from volunteering. For a few years, Sofie volunteered for Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (UNF). She helped them arrange and carry out an annual software summercamp for high school students.

When not busy with work, Sofie is a scout leader at Marselisspejderne. She leads the scouts that are 13 to 16 years old. Sofie also likes to draw (digitally), play computer (Overwatch), and rollerskate on the nature paths around Aarhus.

Sofie decided to work for Mjølner as she thought it seemed like a workplace with a casual atmosphere and some great people.

Now that Sofie has been at Mjølner for a few weeks, she feels it lives up to her expectations. She has noticed the flat organizational structure and that her colleagues are easy to talk to, regardless of title and field.

What’s so intriguing about software development? According to Sofie, it is fun to solve complex and technical problems and, at the same time, work with people. Furthermore, Sofie enjoys the position as software developer at a consultancy firm like Mjølner because she gets variation in her work tasks.

You can find Sofie on the third floor of our building in room 3.07.