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Cloud Technologies

Any business-critical data, service, or functionality you need. Anywhere. Anytime.

Most businesses host an abundance of business-critical data, services, and functionality. Cloud technology can make these assets mobile and ready at your convenience.
By understanding your business, we create digital products that present you or your customers with insights and access at the right time and place.

Let us make the technology work for you. We know how it is done, where to look for hidden areas of business and improvements, and what to prioritize in the process. All while keeping security levels high.

Cloud in itself is a concept that covers the fact that infrastructure is available and, therefore, that operations of hardware are not necessary. Furthermore, a number of services are made available that solve complex problems such as operating distributed software, surveillance, administration of devices, etc.

With this basis, we can make software applications that can provide real value for our clients: Provide intelligent decisions, support predictive maintenance, optimize and automate business processes, automate monitoring and much more.

Take our Cloud capabilities even further by bringing in our IoT competencies. With cloud technologies and IoT, we can solve business problems from a to z: from making industry hardware able to forward data to mobilization of UX, design, and software applications.

Toke Lønbro Nørring Boisen
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Toke Lønbro Nørring Boisen
Manager, IoT
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What we can do for you

  • System Engineering
  • System Evaluation
  • System Integration
  • Complete Solutions
  • Architecture


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