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Customer Research

Through our Customer Research package solution, you will acquire profound and holistic insights into your current digital environment. We tailor your future products and services to your customers and the way they use them.

To deliver top-notch and spot-on products and services, you need to know exactly who your customers are and how they live their lives. Customer Research secures close alignment throughout the entire developmental stage with your end-users and the context in which they use your products.

What You Get From Us:

‣ An overview of how your products and services relate to each other
‣ A basic Customer Journey
‣ A report with the data and analyses from the field studies
‣ Fresh eyes on services, products, and users

What We Expect Of You:

‣ Make relevant information available to us, e.g. information about your product, your users, etc.
‣ Access to relevant stakeholders and users that can undergo interviews




Day 1:
Product and Customer

We create an overview of the platform on which your future product or service will exist. The overview is based on interviews and show’n’tell on relevant systems and users.

Day 2:
In-Depth Review
of Customers and Context

We create an in-depth analysis of how your customers use your products today. We also discover the different contexts in which your products and services are used.

Day 3:
Analysis and Mapping
of Data

We map out the data from the field studies and analyze it in a report. That way, it is easy to share across your project or organization.

What Can Customer Research
Do for You?

We know the technology, customers, and trends, and have helped market-leaders across industries for more than 25 years.

Contact Mikkel to learn more about what our Customer Research can do for your business.

Mikkel Messer
Mikkel Messer
UX Consultant & Customer Research Evangelist
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