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Industrial IT

The industrial domain has been our playground for more than 20 years. We understand the complexity of your production line and know how our Industrial IT can improve it.

Modern technology is changing our world and the manufacturing industry is no exception. The ability to connect, streamline, and automate production flows drives a fourth industrial revolution with the promise of truly intelligent factories trough Industrial IT.

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is a broad and lofty term. And it might be a bit too comprehensive for many. With 20 years of experience with Industrial IT we know how to pick the technology and potential that match your needs and make it work quickly.

We create Industrial IT with a business-centric approach. Our diversity enables us to create high-tech solutions and keep the user and business center stage. This is an essential ability as we transform your monolithic machines into connected ecosystems. From the very beginning of a project, we work across platforms, technologies, and use contexts, taking your Industrial IT to a holistic level.

Whether you need a high-end touch-based interface for your machines, a predictive maintenance system for your product line, or a full-scale service technician support flow, we can help you.

Flemming Gram Christensen
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Flemming Gram Christensen
Industrial IT Evangelist

What we can do for you

  • System Engineering
  • Firmware Development
  • Software Integration
  • User Interface Applications
  • Team and Project Management



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