Mjølner Excites at ‘Kdag’ And Invites Students In For Friday Bar

This past Friday, Aarhus University hosted its annual ‘Katrinebjerg Karrieredag’, also called ‘Kdag’, with 600 IT-students and 42 companies in attendance. Mjølner was one of them.

‘Kdag’ is one of the largest IT career fairs in the region. With students on the hunt for a job in the IT-industry and companies looking for qualified manpower, the setting is quite exciting and inspiring.

Seven Mjølner colleagues rolled up with banners, magazines, flyers, and candy, and they spoke to heaps of engaged students that were interested in Mjølner.

Following ‘Kdag’ at the university, we opened the doors for the students at our own premises, and we welcomed them in for Friday Bar together with our staff. Together, we enjoyed beers, snacks, and a game of foosball in the afternoon sun.

Check out a few mood pictures below.

After sunset, we moved inside and played boardgames and ate pizza.