Biannual Donation Goes To the Danish Anxiety Association

The last biannual Mjølner charity donation of 2016 went to the Danish Anxiety Association (Angstforeningen). Our biannual donation to a non-profit organization is part of our CSR commitment.

Every 6 months, our coworkers nominate a handful of non-profit organizations they think should be in the run to receive Mjølner’s biannual donation. Then, a referendum starts where all Mjølner employees have one vote.

The Danish Cancer Society received our donation back in June 2016. But this time, the Danish Anxiety Association (Angstforeningen) was announced as the winner with 11.94% of our employees’ votes. We donated the amount to the organization immediately.

The Danish Anxiety Association (Angstforeningen) works to spread knowledge about anxiety, stress, and phobia. They state that people with anxiety need fast and effective help in order to prevent disability. Furthermore, they state, it is important that the affected knows that he/she is not alone, and that he/she can get help.

Learn more about The Danish Anxiety Association here.