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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.


Successful digital projects start here

Think big, start small

Digital projects are often complex. The needs might change during the project, which poses large demands of our flexibility and ability to adapt the solution. Therefore, we think big and start small with an agile development process.

Put simply we start off with a team of specialists, who take part in clarifying your needs and sketching out the solution for those needs. The result is a specific plan for the project. This way we lay the foundation for you getting a digital solution that resolves your users’ needs – and is possible to realize within the specified financial limits and time frame.

End-to-end projekt for HedeDanmark End-to-end projekt for HedeDanmark

Mjølner helped this software product achieve liftoff, after we had worked on it for some time beforehand. They completed the assignment in the best way by coming in with a complete team, with a broad swathe of competences; User Experience expertise, graphical design, software development and architecture, including project management of the entire setup. Good dialogue combined with a high technical skill, during the entire project, created a successful result.

Christine Bonné Marx, IT & Digitalisation Partner, Hedeselskabet

We were sprinting before Google

Does it work, or doesn’t it? We need to find out and fast, that way we don’t waste money.

At Mjølner we have more than 35 years of experience with turning ideas into digital solutions. Our experience has been distilled into what we call the Mjølner process. To us it’s an invaluable tool – and to you it’s a guarantee that we reach the goal within the specified time and budget.


This is how we make your digital project a success

A good thing about having 300+ digital specialists is that we can help you end-to-end. From the starting analysis to design, development and maintenance of your digital solution. To ensure direction and results, we will manage the project. This is ideal if you, on the one hand, want minimal involvement and worry – and on the other, maximum value and security.

We take responsibility. And deliver.

1. Digital advisor

Which needs do we have to solve? For whom? And how can we build a solution that solves it? Our team, consisting of a broad swathe of specialists, asks the hard questions, so that we achieve the greatest insights. What results is that we can build an architecture that has security by design built in from the start. This creates a safe solution, that helps solve your business needs.

2. Agile design and development

Now we’ve defined your needs and specified your solution. The next step is to design it. For that we’ll go on to follow an agile, scrum-based model, in which we evaluate, adjust and optimize the solution’s look, behavior and specifications. Around this agile process we have a strong governance structure. What results is an effective and affective process, that will take you from prototype to launch.

3. Ongoing development, maintenance and futureproofing

Your digital product isn’t complete just because it’s launched. It must be developed and finetuned as new needs and opportunities arise. A powerful team of our specialists will be entrusted to caretake the continual development of your digital product – with a natural focus on IT-security.

4. Maintenance & Support

Your digital product needs to be developed – and maintained. If you want us to, we can manage maintenance and support, so your solution always lives up to the latest demands and needs – and you can focus your resources on other tasks.

We can help you, exactly where you’re at

Sometimes we enter a project where the needs stand out sharply. Other times we’re midwives helping ideas get out into the world. No matter which path you choose, we can help you get to your destination.

  1. You want to develop a digital product
  2. You have a need and an idea, that needs to be finetuned and realized into a digital product
  3. You send us a defined project for us to supply.

See how we help from beginning to end

There are a lot of reasons clients choose us. One of those is that we understand their needs. Another thing is that we can transfer that understanding to digital products that have an impact on the business. You can read much more about this in our cases.

  • Tough demands create unique phone- and webapp for forestry

    Mjølner has developed an administrative system for HedeDanmark’s LogStackPro-solution, which improved the task of registering such that it lived up to both the expectations of forest owners and the toughest authority requirements in the world.

  • Digitalization project eases booking and administration

    It has been extremely educational to work with Mjølner’s very competent team. I have never seen such a well-built IT solution, visible from the very start. This quality was evident in both business clarifications, architecture, development processes and, last but not least, the code.

  • App ensures effective and secure communication

    Mjølner Informatics has developed a new app, that ensures effective and secure communication between staff and the next of kin of elders at care centers, via chat and notice functions. The app is developed for both Android and iOS, and it offers encrypted communication in line with GDPR law.

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“We know when a project gets tough and knowing that makes the whole thing easier. With 35 years of experience, we can turn digital ambitions into concrete solutions – and we ensure that you always have a hand on the wheel, and we prioritize your wants and needs.”

Peter Rickers, Business Unit Leader, Mjølner Informatics

Specialists across industries

One of the strengths of having 35 years of experience is that we’ve tried and seen a lot. Different technologies, industries, and processes. We know what works – and what doesn’t. See how our broad suite of specialists can create success in your industry.

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We change and transform business ambitions into concrete, digital solutions.

Michael Heegaard

Chief Sales Officer

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