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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.


Digitization – should you be an industry leader? we think so!

For more than 35 years we’ve used our software expertise to turn challenges into effective digital solutions, which strengthens businesses across industries.

In close collaboration with our clients, we’ve spent the last few years focused on working in select fields, that we are particularly skilled in. Our diverse competencies make us a strong sparring partner. No matter what you’re looking for: digitaliztion advice, embedded development, project management, User Experience or skilled software consultants. 

Welter symoblising the manufacturing industry


There’s very little doubt now, that production and the industry at large are facing a fourth industrial revolution. Just as mechanization, assembly lines and automation, digitalization is also transforming production as we know it. It is grand and complex, but most of all, it is promising.  

We help our clients with dynamic product development, which optimizes the value chain and builds connections between purchasing, development, and production. We call it Multi Source Design, and this approach can also make a difference in your business.  

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Utility & energy services

Power, water and heat are constantly coursing, 24 hours a day, from utility plants throughout the world. We develop solutions that help us create a better and greener present and future. For example, we work closely with Energinet, Norlys and OK on digitizing climate change mitigation.  

Working on digitalization rarely follows a linear path. New needs appear and challenge old preconceptions. That’s exactly why we – when we control the project – use an approach that ensures flexibility and agility. We can help you from beginning to end.  

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Energy and utility servies shown by a worker checking a pressure guage


The media are a central part of everyone’s everyday lives. We develop digital solutions that make those lives easier. No matter if you need to stream your favorite show on a Friday night, want fast-speed internet or are looking for love online.  

Our diverse competencies and deep domain knowledge are our greatest strengths as a supplier. We put together the exact team that matches your needs and ensure that the project fulfills your goals. Over the last few years, we’ve developed several solutions that strengthen user experiences in the media industry. From apps to self-service solutions.  

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Finance & Retail

No matter if you work in retail or finance, the core task is the same – centering your customers. We optimize your business and create better user experiences by using complex digital solutions.  

Few industries have accepted tech and digitalization to the degree that the finance sector has. With strong and enduring partnerships in the finance world, we know the many regulations and competition parameters that you have to live up to. Our developers deliver quality with an emphasis on strong security and costs.

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Financiers keeping up with the business news
CEO Brian Gottorp Jeppesen

Think big, start small

“Our goal is always to get our customers from idea to digital product. We do that best by thinking big but starting small.”

Brian Gottorp Jeppesen, CEO, Mjølner Informatics

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It’s free to ask – so call us, and let’s find the right solution for you.

CSO Michael Heegaard

Michael Heegaard

Senior Director, Business Development & Partnerships

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