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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.

Mjølner Freelance


We offer the IT industry’s best freelancers an open collaboration model.

Our customers include a wide range of Danish and international companies – for example OK, Norlys, and eBay – and the tasks we receive often have a long duration and a high degree of complexity.

Our freelance contracts are entered into with open terms, and our pricing model is extremely competitive. We are experiencing a great demand for talented freelancers from customers throughout Denmark and are constantly looking for new talent.

What does our freelancers say about us?

  • “It has been wonderfully easy to just say “yes” when Mjølner has come up with an assignment. I love trying different things, and I have had the opportunity to do that through Mjølner. Among other things, I have made software for combine harvesters, the police and large webshops. Through those courses, I have been allowed to experience best practices in several large companies – which has strengthened my skills as a developer.”


  • “Mjølner deserves great praise for making someone feel recognized and appreciated. They are very down to earth and informal while being professional. You can always go to them, there is no doubt about that. I would definitely recommend Mjølner to other freelance consultants.”


  • “I would definitely recommend Mjølner to other consultants, as they are some of the very best in the industry. When it comes to salary, they are very open and transparent, and you feel like an equal partner.”


  • “It has been extremely educational to work with Mjølner’s very competent team. I have never encountered such good quality built into an IT solution right from the start. There was high quality in both business clarifications, architecture, development processes and not least in the code. It’s a pleasure to see that IT systems can be built so quickly, robustly and efficiently.”


  • “Mjølner was good at getting me started on my first assignment. We have regular check-ins, which I’m really happy about. In addition, there are also events, such as club meetings and New Year cures, which I also appreciate.”


  • “The collaboration with Mjølner has worked smoothly. From the time I was contacted with a very relevant job offer until I was actually hired, it took two to three weeks in total. It was an easy and uncomplicated process and the communication has been professional.”


    What assignments do we offer?

    We have assignments throughout Denmark including Aarhus, Aalborg, Silkeborg, Esbjerg, the Triangle area, Odensen and Copenhagen – and can typically also offer the option of working remote. 

    With us, you have the opportunity to work in a lot of different domains such as energy and supply, health, finance, agriculture, eCommerce, manufacturing and robotics.

    Our clients typically request profiles that are strong in C#/.Net, Java, GO, Python, C, C++, Test, React, Angular, Vue.js, DevOps, architecture, project management, UX or mobile development. 

    The process

    How to get freelance assignments through Mjølner

    1. Matching the assignment
    We compare our assignments and your profile. When we find a match, we engage in a dialogue with you, where we assess together in more detail.

    2. Client receives resume
    We send your resume with brief motivating comments to the client. The client assesses your profile in relation to the assignment. 

    3. Interview with the client
    An interview between you and the client will take place where a Mjølner representative will be along side you. This is where the final assessment takes place.

    4. Contract negotiation
    You negotiate contract terms with us. We negotiate contract terms with the client and look after your interests in this context.

    5. On assignment 
    We coordinate your start-up and hold status meetings with you approx. every third month. We may negotiate extensions and is generally your partner in the collaboration.

    What does our clients say?

    • “I know Mjølner to be a good and flexible business partner who supplies competent and professionally skilled resources. My years-long relationship with Mjølner and their ability to familiarize themselves with the needs we come up with mean that Mjølner is good at finding the right profiles. Most recently, they have shown this by quickly finding two candidates for a task, both of whom turned out to match my needs very well. It saved me a lot of time when Mjølner hit the spot in the first round. It is a smooth collaboration where there is a good and open dialogue. I would definitely recommend Mjølner to others.”


    • “Mjølner has been a very reliable and technically capable partner for us in the development process. We set high standards for ourselves and expect the same from our partners. Mjølner has certainly lived up to these expectations and proved that they were the right choice for us.”

      Torben Pryds Pedersen, Chief Technology Officer, Concordium

    • “Mjølner’s consultants are professionally strong and skilled at collaboration, knowledge sharing and at seeing the big connections for the individual products. That is why Mjølner is one of our preferred suppliers in the software area.”

      Jesper Lund Klaris, Department Manager, Bankdata

    • “Mjølner’s consultants always live up to our high professional requirements as well as our business requirements. There was no doubt that Mjølner was the right people to contact for the complex task we faced in JYSK IT. As always, they quickly found matching candidates.
      It is extremely valuable to bring in external competences. The professional dialog and the solid craftsmanship Mjølner delivers have contributed to reaching our ambitious milestone. At the same time, they have lifted JYSK’s delivery device faster than we can ourselves.”

      Michael Pedersen, Enterprise Architect & Manager for Java Development, JYSK

    • “We do not compromise quality to achieve quantity. Mjølner shares our core approach to professional and agile software development. This makes Mjølner our preferred supplier. Their consultants give us the freedom to scale as needed while maintaining the quality that is our hallmark.”

      Rasmus Lundgaard Pedersen, CIO, Danske Commodities

    • “Mjølner’s consultants are a valuable addition to our team, and have been from the start. They are very competent, qualified and able to use their skills to solve challenges in many different ways.”

      Mads Budde, VP of Research & Development, Terma

      Read more about Mjølner Freelance

      There are many things to take into account as a freelancer. Especially if you are first going to take the leap from being a full-time employee to going freelance.

      Below you will find our freelance handbook, where you can read about being a freelancer through Mjølner.

      Bid on the assignments we receive on an ongoing basis

      In our freelance LinkedIn-group we continuously post exciting assignments that you can bid on. 

      Get contacted when we have the right assignment for you

      Register in our freelance database so that we can always have you in mind when we receive new assignments. 

      We are ready to help you!

      In 2013, we got our first freelancer at Mjølner, and in 2019 the freelance business became an independent department under the name Consultancy. Today, we have over 130 freelancers working, and we continue to grow – always with a focus on maintaining the high quality, both in terms of the tasks we take on and the consultants we send out on assignments. Meet our team of recruiters:

      Rikke Bæk

      +45 40 27 34 43

      Jens Kryger Petersen

      Senior Recruitment Partner
      +45 60 23 53 08

      Cathrine Ilsø Gam

      Recruitment Partner
      +45 41 95 36 54

      Pernille Hjørnholm Kreuzfeldt

      Recruitment Consultant
      +45 26 66 73 59

      Zerina Saskin

      +45 41 95 36 60

      Mia Song Frank Madsen

      Recruitment Partner
      +45 41 95 36 56

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