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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.


Let us be responsible for developing your new, physical, digital product

Get yourself a partner that helps you go from idea to physical, digital product.

Do you need a professional team player?

At Mjølner we collect good people that all have one thing in common – they are among the best in their respective fields.

That’s why we can cover the entire value chain – from ideation of hardware design and firmware development to when the finished and fabrication-ready product is in your hands.

We’re best when faced with high complexity. And we often help clients that either have trouble picking the right tech to use or whose projects have stalled out. It is in those situations that Mjølner can step in to help with a new outlook on the situation and get the project on to the right track.

Projekt indenfor Manufacturing Projekt indenfor Manufacturing

“Mjølner has been a considerable business partner for us during this project. Their combined expertise in the fields of embedded software, Machine Learning and graphical user interfaces was exactly what we needed to build the app that best showcased the potential of our dual-core chips.”

Frédéric Le Cam, Marketing Product Line Manager, STMicroelectronics

Mjølner is a house of experts

Even in the most cutting-edge technical fields you can run into challenges that require outside aid – and this is where most of our specialists are hired to map out user wants and needs, with a focus on developing a complete solution architecture.

Mjølner is a house of experts that will be responsible for your physical, digital product in exactly the phase that you need it. Or for the entire project, if that’s how you want it.

This is what you get with us

If you need a specialist for a short period, you get that, and if you need an entire team, or for us to take on the entire project, that’s how it’s going to be.

Maybe that’s exactly what defines Mjølner: a flexibility, that makes “usually” irrelevant – because it’s you and your project, that’s what defines the partnership. We bring you the right people, who all have our Mjølner-process with them in their back pocket.

1. Advice

Our specialists are never alone. They can draw on more than 300 excellent colleagues for advice.

2. Broad skillset

We have an enormously broad professional skillset – we have software developers, UX experts, designers, project managers and much, much more.

3. Domain knowledge

Our roots stretch into the research space – we’re not afraid to say that we know the theory. And our client portfolio shows that we can turn that theory into practice.

Jens Bæk om agilt digitaliseringsprojekt Jens Bæk om agilt digitaliseringsprojekt

Mjølner logo

“One of Mjølner’s good client addressed us and asked for help with a large and challenging software project, which they’d been working on for a long time. Unclear demands, unrealistic timeframe and too low quality to solve any of the needs.

We helped them, in part, with development and contributed to a noticeable improvement of the client’s own software development process. The project lasted 2 years and resulted in a product that’s now on the market and has been received very well, both by our client and their users.”

Jens Bæk, Senior Project Manager, Mjølner

Optimize production with multi source design

Many manufacturing businesses struggle with the same fundamental challenges – lack of components, missing modularity and supplier dependency.

That’s why we developed what we call the Multi Source Design-approach. MSD is a way to work, in which we ensure that dynamism is built into the product, such that it continually can be supplied with components from multiple suppliers.

MSD is about creating a bridge between purchasing, development and production, so that the value chain can be optimized. This is where we can make a marked difference for your business – you can learn more about that here.

Quality and stability since 1988

Mjølner was founded in 1988 and we’re still around – and thriving – today, and that’s because we deliver.

We have a solid level of experience with the industry, and we have blind faith that quality, stability and innovation are the right ingredients for developing successful projects, that lead to outstanding physical, digital products.


We’ll tell you no – and play along with you

A partnership is only good when there’s trust between the partners. And the easiest way to create trust is to be honest.

So, we’re honest – even when honesty means voicing disagreements. In practice, that means we’ll say things as we see them, and that’s why you shouldn’t expect us to salute and follow orders. That’s not why you pay us, right?

Should we help you develop your digital product?

We love a challenge. And if you have a project that needs to be kickstarted, optimized or even saved, we would very much like to offer our opinion on a solution.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Lasse Skov

Business Development Manager


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Peter Skorkjær Rickers

Client Executive


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