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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.

Meet the team

Meet the skilled people who make Mjølner your strongest software partner

We help you go from idea to digital product

At Mjølner we’re a cutting-edge mix of 300 personable, clever and approachable coworkers. Through software development and user-friendly design we create value for you and your clients. Our diverse technical skills make us stand our from the crowd, and we can accommodate your needs – no matter where you are in the course of your it development.

Specialists with deep domain knowledge

With 35 years of experience, we’ve seen and tried most things. Different technologies, industries, and processes. It’s no secret though, that we thrive best in fields with high complexity and higher demands. Take a look at how our specialists can help your business. 

Henning Böttger

Meet a software developer

“I really appreciate Mjølner’s culture of cooperation and the high level of technical knowledge. Knowledge sharing and the space to network is an utterly central part of the company’s DNA. Every Friday we eat breakfast together, get updates on the latest happenings and meet colleagues from other departments. 

In our technical guilds we share knowledge and develop our skills within the fields we’re passionate about. Together with the many different tasks that Mjølner solves, it creates this excellent starting point for learning and becoming inspired by each other.” 

Henning Böttger, Senior Software Devloper, Mjølner

Join the team

We’re a cutting-edge mix of specialists with soft values. Together we work hard to ensure that going to work is fun. At the same time, there needs to be space for all the other things you enjoy. Some would call that work-life balance. We call it self-evident. Want to join the team? 

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