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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.

Digitalization advice

Our advice on digitalization empowers your business’ success

Digitalization advice leads the way

Far too many digital projects fail. There are a lot of valid reasons for that. One of those might be that the solution does not solve any user needs.

At its core, one builds a solution that does not correspond to the business’ needs, nor the way people use the product. This is a waste of time and money. If you want to avoid that, our digitalization advice is the obvious solution for you and your business.

Digitaliseringsrådgivning for Tryg Digitaliseringsrådgivning for Tryg

“We have had an overall positive experience working with Mjølner on this IT-project. They are technically skilled and very agile in their approach to digitalization. It is my experience that they’ve provided us with a very high-quality service.”

Jytte Vadmand Adelmark, Director, Tryg’s growth centers

Get the right start, with the right advice

At Mjølner we can help you with any of your projects – from initial idea development to implementation, application and support of your solution.

To start we must lay the groundwork. That’s why we offer digitalization advice, where we can map user needs and uncover your business’ challenges and opportunities. This way we bind people, business and tech options together to develop a concrete digital idea.

With this agile process we replace gut feelings with hard facts. This minimizes risks of failure and regression during the project and ensures that you get a digital solution, which will please your users and strengthen your business.

How we find

The right digital solution

Which needs do we have to solve? For whom? And how do we create the solution that takes care of it? With your input we will answer the tough questions. We do this by following our process.

This process has five steps, each of which gives us greater insight and draws us closer to the end goal.

1. Clarification

We start with one, or more if needed, user workshops to clarify what the needs and challenges that you need to resolve. Participating at these will be a team of Mjølner-specialists – including ones on UX and architecture – and stakeholders from your organization. This clarification will chart the course for your digital project and ensure that we reach your business targets.

2. Inspiration

What is actually possible? Our specialists will present cases and tech that can help us think big and break out of the box, so to speak. Here is where we bring in examples from other industries, to make you wonder at what can be done. This inspiration creates a foundation that we can use to develop an innovative and efficient solution, that matches the needs we clarified earlier.

3. Idea development

With more than 35 years of experience, we know that the most efficient digitalization efforts start small, but with large aspirations. That’s why we focus on taking your needs and big thoughts and turning them into real visions and ideas ripe for realization. This ensures that we can start quickly and create obvious results.

4. Architecture & wireframing

To test and qualify ideas, we work – small-scale – on functionality, interaction and design. You get a direct sketch of the solution and an explanation of how it fixes user and stakeholder needs. This sketch can be a prototype, design examples or a user journey map. All these options have in common, that we supply you and your colleagues something you can engage with. It is also during this step that you will get time and financial estimates.

5. Realization

How do you move on from here? If you want, we can  develop, design and operate your digital solution. This way you can safely reach your goal with your digital project.

See how we help from beginning to end

There are a lot of reasons clients choose us. One of those is that we understand their needs. Another thing is that we can transfer that understanding to digital products that have an impact on the business. You can read much more about this in our cases.

  • Digitalization project eases booking and administration

    It has been extremely educational to work with Mjølner’s very competent team. I have never seen such a well-built IT solution, visible from the very start. This quality was evident in both business clarifications, architecture, development processes and, last but not least, the code.


    In order to ease the clinical logistics at the new Aarhus University Hospital and make it more comfortable and clear for the patients, Region Midtjylland gave Mjølner the challenge to develop a system that could communicate relevant information to patients via their smartphones (via an app) as well as regular cellphones (via text messages).

  • Innovative digital translator solution for visionary startup

    The visionary startup NEMConnect offers local government, translators and private citizens a user-friendly translator-solution and app, which makes it possible to easily assign and complete translation services.

Good advice creates better digital solutions

Are you tired of seemingly eternal digital projects? We understand.

When you cooperate with us, you get an efficient process with solid results. The key is to get a good start.

That’s why we have a tested catalogue of subtasks that your dedicated team of specialists will solve for you. Step by step. The team will consist of, for example, an architect and a UX engineer, which ensures that we can focus on the right challenges – and build an architecture that can be realized within both the financial and time frames.

Lasse Skov Lasse Skov

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“At Mjølner we believe that small steps can take you in the right direction, by strides – and with our digitalization advice we ensure that you and your digital project moves securely towards fulfilling your business’ needs.”

Lasse Skov, Business Development Manager, Mjølner

Specialists across industries

One of the strengths of having 35 years of experience is that we’ve tried and seen a lot. Different technologies, industries, and processes. We know what works – and what doesn’t. Take a look at how we create success in your industry.

Let’s have a chat about your next digital project

It’s great to have grand goals – but it can be difficult to figure out how to stick the landing. We’re excited to advice you and your organization on the development of new digital solutions, which could make a difference for both people and your business.

Lasse Skov

Business Development Manager


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