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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.

Utility and Energy Services

We power the shift to green energy

Black belt in digitalizing the shift to green energy

The world wants smarter solutions. Solutions that help create a better and greener present and future. We’ve been developing those for years. For example, we work closely with Energinet, Norlys and OK on their climate change mitigation.

Clients come to us, when their ambitions are grand and the complexity even grander – and thanks to our over 35 years of experience we can develop software that helps accelerate climate change mitigation with inventive solutions and services.

Three reasons that we can be your supplier

1. Advice

Our specialists are never alone. They can draw on more than 300 excellent colleagues.

2. Broad skillset

We have an enormously broad professional skillset – we have software developers, User Experience (UX) experts, designers, project managers and much, much more.

3. Domain knowledge

Our roots stretch into the research space – we’re not afraid to say that we know the theory. And our client portfolio shows that we can turn that theory into practice.

We’re digitalizing a greener Denmark

There are a lot of reasons clients choose us. One of them is that we understand their needs. Another is that we use that understanding in our digital solutions, that really transforms the work on climate change mitigation. Just ask Energinet.

We’re working on a comprehensive framework agreement with Energinet. Here the focus is on developing software and building an IT-architecture that ensures the energy grid is strong enough to support Denmark’s shift to 100% green energy. This is a huge task, which needs not just some of the country’s most skilled specialists. It needs a reliable supply chain that ensures flexibility and progress.

Digital transformation, made to fit

In close partnership with you, we can combine our professional knowledge with a deep domain understanding in critical supply software. That’s why you should partner with us if you want an efficient and simple process. We tailor the setup so that it works best for you – starting with one of two models.

model 1

We take control

In this model, we control the project – from beginning to end. We use a team of specialists that ensures us a scope that fits the task and a competency suite needed to deliver a solution that fulfills your needs. Afterwards we can ensure stable operations and support.

Model 2

You control the project

In this model, you control the project – we supply the specialists that you need. Some want just one person for a month, others want an entire team. How do we help the most? You decide, we deliver.

Energiforsyning Energiforsyning

“For many years we’ve been gathering meter data, that we use in our day-to-day both when conversing with customers and when planning our utility network. With MELVA we ensure a utilization of this data that lets us: ensure our utility services, find the points to hit to improve efficiency, plan future expansion and predict maintenance needs.”

Lars Kristensen, company manager at RAH Service

Software that develops new options

At Mjølner we have more than 35 years of experience with turning ideas into digital software solutions across industries. One of those is the utility industry. Here we help leading actors develop software that supports the development of green energy. Below you can see some specific examples.

Track & trace of green energy with blockchain

Is your green energy actually green? In partnership with Energinet and Concordium, who are experts in blockchain technology, we smoothed the design and architecture of a solution, that can prove where the energy comes from. This has multiple benefits – for example, you can verify green energy certificates and ensure 100% transparency for consumers.

“Our partnership with Mjølner on a Proof of Concept has been very positive. We’ve gone from some abstract business options to a solid and buildable prototype – and Mjølner is very much responsible for that. We are now testing the prototype in the market, where we’ve invited actors and the rest of Denmark to participate. So far it seems promising.”

Martin Lervad Lundø, CEO, Energinet DataHub

Our agility secures your stability

Working on digitalization rarely follows a linear path. New needs appear and challenge old preconceptions. That’s exactly why we – when we control the project – use an approach that ensures flexibility and agility.

Put simply, we arrive with a team of specialists. Most often there’ll be a UX expert, an architect, a project manager, and a test manager. We start with a workshop, in which we uncover needs and opportunities. Here we think big and afterwards we build small – either in the form of a Proof of Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP), that way we can ensure the product’s viability during production.

This agile process helps us lay the foundation for you getting the digital solution that fulfills your exact needs, is buildable, and ensures optimal stability in a changing digital landscape.

Get help for exactly what you need

All our clients are different. In common for all of them is that they need an experienced partner, that can listen, challenge, and execute. Does that sound like you? Grab ahold of Jacob Damm or Lasse Skov – then we can talk about your challenges and ambitions.

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