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Mjølner Informatics has developed an app that ensures efficient and secure communication between staff and relatives of the elderly at care centers via chat and notice functions. The app has been developed for both Android and iOS, and it enables encrypted communication that complies with GDPR legislation. The app is suitable for all municipalities, and it has been used in Copenhagen Municipality as the first.



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Mjølner Informatics has developed an app, KOMPårørende, for the benefit of municipal employees at care centers, as well as for the families who have older relatives living at the care centers.

The app is a platform that ensures valuable and easily accessible communication between the relatives and the employees. The app, which is based on the KOM platform, contains two simple functions, namely chat and notices.

Chat Eases the Communication of Care Information from Relatives to Staff – and Vice Versa

Via the chat function, relatives can pass on important messages to the staff who take care of their elderly relatives. For example: “I am on holiday in week 30. During this period, the contact person is Jens Jensen.”

Digital Bulletin Board Provides a Quick Overview for Relatives

The notice function makes it possible for relatives to follow the activities that take place at their relatives’ care center. The employees at the care center in question can put up notices in the app about, for example, Tuesday bingo, Zumba Wednesday, and afternoon lectures.

This type of notice was previously only available on a physical notice board at the care center in question, and it was thus more difficult for the relatives to keep track of which activities their relatives participated in.

The App Complies with GDPR Legislation

The app is also GDPR secured, which means that it has built-in functions, including encryption, which ensures the municipality’s compliance with applicable personal data legislation.

Agile App Development with Minimal Viable Product as Test Basis

The app has been created through a collaboration between Copenhagen Municipality and Mjølner Informatics. It started with a workshop on requirements for the app and the platform KOM. The parties agreed on the requirements specifications for a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) version of the app, which could be tested and used in practice during a pilot period.

By having the product in ‘real hands’, we used the pilot period to learn more about how the solution could provide the most value for its users. At the same time, we continued the development of more features for the solution. It allowed the users, in this case the staff and the relatives, to test the product in the organization.

A technical solution like this is not exclusively technical – it affects workflows in the staff’s daily life, and it is therefore important that the product fits into the employees’ working day and the relatives’ everyday life. The pilot period thus tests the whole process, not ‘only’ the software.

Torben Mejlvang Hagensen, Senior Solution Architect, Mjølner Informatics

Easy Maintenance and Management with the KOM Platform as a Foundation

The KOMPårørende app works via the platform KOM, which is owned, operated, and hosted by Mjølner Informatics. This ensures the municipalities easy maintenance and management, even after the solution has been rolled out at all the care centers in a given municipality.

Getting from Idea to Digital Product – Quickly – is a Matter of Honor for Mjølner

The KOMPårørende app for Copenhagen Municipality is a classic Mjølner project that embraces a wide range – from idea to digital product. It starts with a workshop, and throughout the process, Mjølner’s experts are involved with roles such as User Experience expert, Digital Designer, Software Developer, Software Architect, Project Manager, and Product Owner. In other words, Mjølner has all the necessary expertise under one roof, and the process for the municipality is thus easy, clear, and professional.


Copenhagen Municipality is Denmark’s most populous municipality. It includes the central part of the country’s capital, Copenhagen, including large parts of Amager, but excluding Frederiksberg. On January 1st 2018, the municipality had 613,288 inhabitants. The municipality employs a total of 40,129 employees and is thus the country’s second largest public employer, surpassed only by the state.

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