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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.


Digital solutions that strengthen user experiences in the media industry

It’s about making life a little easier

We develop digital solutions that help people in their everyday lives.

For example, we developed a streaming app, so intuitive, that users could find their favorite shows even half asleep on the couch. Self-service solutions that make it easier to get fast internet. Support solutions that help your colleagues turn annoyed clients into pleased clients. And a dating app that makes it easier to find love – just to mention a small selection of our many digital solutions targeting the media industry.

Are you looking for digital specialists with domain knowledge?

Then you’re at the right place. At Mjølner we’re more than 300 highly specialized colleagues, many of which have years of experience with developing specific solutions for the media industry. This means that we know exactly what team matches your needs and can ensure that the project fulfills your specifications.

“The project with Mjølner is at face value a technical project, but at the same time it’s much more than that. We had a solid idea of what we wanted, but from day one, Mjølner gave input on such a level that meant that I was quickly able to tell that they needed to be involved in all phases of the project.”


There’s a digital solution for most challenges

Our clients in the media industry have highly varying needs. So, what do we help them with? We have three examples right below.

Data migration

Do you need an overview of clients and products? We can help by converting and collecting data in a single Business Support System (BSS).


Do you want customers to have an easier time with you? We can strengthen your self-service, making it simple to upgrade your products, which results in better customer experiences.


Want to be closer to customers? We can develop apps that match yours and – importantly – your customers’ wants and needs.

Want to have a chat about your next digital project?

All our clients are different. In common for all of them is that they need an experienced partner, that can listen, challenge, and execute.

In recent years we have developed a great deal of solutions for the media industry. Right from streaming apps to self-service solutions. Now that can benefit you and your business. Grab ahold of Lasse Skov, then we can talk about your challenges and ambitions.

Lasse Skov

Business Development Manager


+45 29 44 43 77

Digital solutions, working with your BSS

If your company has a BSS – that is, a Business Support System – you know how consequential it is for your ability to organize and streamline processes. It is the beating heart of your customer experiences – and the turning point of several of our solutions.

Put simply we develop systems and solutions that can communicate with your BSS. This includes, as an example, data migration. The work ensures simpler communication between your business and your customers, which is the foundation to build on to be able to offer better customer experiences.

See how we help others

There are a lot of reasons clients choose us. One of those is that we understand their needs. Another thing is that we can transfer that understanding to digital products that have an impact on the business. You can read much more about this in our cases.

Stand on the shoulders of 35 years of experience

Back in 1988 Mjølner Informatics was founded by a group of ambitious folks from Aarhus University. A lot has happened since then, but the ambition is the same: We develop leading digital solutions, centered on people – and strengthening businesses.

In 2022 we got even stronger, when we became a part of Norlys. Today we support more than 300 nice, smart, and personable colleagues, all of whom are part of writing the next chapters in Mjølner’s history – and in digitalizing your business.

Do you want us to help you develop your digital product?

For more than 35 years we’ve expressed and transformed business ambitions as digital solutions. If you want us to, we can help you too.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Jacob Damm

Business Development Manager


+45 29 47 42 23

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