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We get our clients from idea to value-creating digital products. Our diverse technical skills are our greatest asset and with over 300 experts we can definitely also help you.

Finance & Retail

We raise the bar in digitizing the financial sector

Digitalization as the driver for a better business

Few industries are as digitized as the financial sector – and with that technological development you will have almost unending opportunities for optimizing your business and improving customer experiences.

It can be challenging to choose, because what should be your focus? And how do you complete a successful project without exceeding your budget or outstepping your project plan? We have a lot of experience dealing with these issues, and we can help you.

Value is created when meeting the client

Sadly too much time is lost with manual processes: meeting prep, due diligence, credit processing – just to mention a few of the tasks that can steal focus and valuable resources.

Because of that, there are many benefits by optimizing and digitizing your processes. We can help you with that. Put simply we map your processes to get an insight into where there’s most to gain. When we know that, we design and develop a digital solution, that helps you and your colleagues create even more value.

Jyske Banks hovedkvarter

“Top shelf cooperation, that really prioritized our need for competencies, capabilities, as well as good chemistry.”

Mads Zerlang, Senior Product Owner, Jyske Bank

Want to have a chat about your next digital project?

Today we help a long list of Denmark’s leading actors in the financial sector. We can also help you.       
Contact Joachim Skov, then we can talk about your challenges and ambitions.

Joachim Skov

Business Development Manager


+45 41 95 36 24

Agile processes with large effects

We have a great deal of experience offering quick, cost-effective, and business-near processes. Together with our client, we test out whether a digital idea or solution creates the expected value. This agile process makes us able to develop and tailor smaller, digital solutions that deliver large effects for users and the business – without blowing the budget.

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“We have a lot of experience developing IT-solutions for strongly regulated fields and critical infrastructure – for example the financial sector, with whom we’ve had partners for many years”

Claus Bjerre, Business Unit Lead for Finance & Retail, Mjølner

Set customers free with self-service

We see a lot of organizations that use far too many resources on tasks that customers could solve themselves. Does that sound familiar?

The solution is often to develop more and better self-service solutions. These only become successful if they match user needs. That’s why we prioritize using user surveys and UX development, since this gives us an optimal insight into user behavior.

This work improves the chances of customers accepting the digital solution – and this way you can also increase the extent of the self-service and reduce costs.

We know what works

The digital solution has to work. All the time. That’s why we make sure to use the tech that best matches your business needs.

We use known and tested technology that has a long lifespan – and we understand the reality that you and your customers exist in. This ensures that you get a digital solution that works today – and also meets the demands of tomorrow.

We can also help you

For more than 35 years we’ve expressed and transformed business ambitions as digital solutions. If you want us to, we can help you too.

Joachim Skov

Business Development Manager


+45 41 95 36 24

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