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Mjølner extensive knowledge of user interfaces and technical know-how has laid the foundation for’s new app saw the light of the day in 1998 as Denmark’s first online dating-platform. Mjølner has since fall 2021 been the sparring partner and advisor for when working on developing the brand and its visual identity. Mjølner’s design department has been a part of the process and have advised the team on a strategic level, which has helped pave the way for the development of’s new app.



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Today internet dating is a completely natural element of many people’s way of looking for love, but when, back in 1998, first opened the doors of Danes’ new digital meeting spot, it was an entirely new thing.

Since then, the internet has revolutionized our everyday, but the dating market has also undergone a marquee shift. Not just in the role phones play now when singles look for love, and since was born as a desktop service, the platform needed to be rethought, among other things, it needed a new app to take part in the modern, mobile, dating-market.

“The foundational idea of hasn’t changed since the service was launched – we’re a serious platform for people seeking love. We had a need to modernize our platform, and directly put we needed to develop a new app, and we’ve done that with assistance from Mjølner,” says Thomas Gram, former Product Owner at

Much more than a technical issue

Mjølner Informatics is broadly known as a software developer, but it also houses an innovation and design department of 12 people, who, among other things, excel at UX, branding and strategy development. And exactly these competencies were, according to Thomas Gram, key for the partnership between and Mjølner.

“The project with Mjølner was at first sight a technical project, but at the same time it was much more than that. We had a clear idea of what we wanted, but right from day one Mjølner has been delivering input on a level that just made me able to see that they needed to be involved in all phases of the project.,” says Thomas Gram.

According to Thomas Gram, not only did Mjølner’s top level technical know-how prove crucial, so did their knowledge of user interfaces and experiences.

“The Mjølner team has an extreme amount of experience and competence, and we’ve seen that in the form of extremely skilled people – which also have an organization of 200 competent colleagues backing them up. In conjunction with the Mjølner partnership, we’ve also had a communications bureau involved in the project, and this triple partnership worked without a hitch.”

Thomas Gram, former Product Owner at

Soft values and hardcore development

It is exactly the interplay between “softer” disciplines such as UX and strategic discussions on the one hand and the development of the app on the other that meant all parties had high requirements, but according to Thomas Gram this interaction was the main reason why the project succeeded.

“ has series of values which are present in the product, and that was crucial for, that all involved really understood our view and what we wanted. And this understanding had to be show in some wireframes and a project, showing everyone who we are. That’s what we demanded, that everyone could read that narrative we made with Mjølner and the communications bureau. And by that, we mean everyone – also the developers. At the end of the day, it’s not about buttons and conversions, but honesty,” says Thomas Gram

Professional attention

When Thomas Gram looks back at the project, he calls Mjølner a “super player” to work with. But what does that mean?

“Mjølner has been far from just a supplier of different services, but rather they’ve been an excellent sparring and advisory partner. This has shown itself in, among other ways, how Mjølner on their own volition found potential challenges and opportunities in areas that wasn’t their purview – for example in relation to data security and potential EU support means. In both cases we were already aware, but I think it showed a professional attention, which it worth all honor and respect. We really are on the same team,” says Thomas Gram.

About the client has since 1998 been connecting Danes seeking love with each other. is run and owned by Freeway ApS.

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