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We help our clients concretize ideas and turn them into valuable digital products. As an IT company, we stand out because of our diverse palette of professional competencies. These are our service areas:

Packaged Services

Our motto is: “Think big, start small”. In order to make it easy to start small, but still get fast results, we’ve designed a line of concepts, our so-called packaged services. Check them out below:


The goal is to disrupt your industry before your competitor. We draft a business case at the workshop, giving you the perfect platform for your next digital adventure.


Our experienced and creative facilitators, designers, and technologists take you from idea to prototype and outline a vision road map to guide your next step.


You get concentrated sessions to find valuable insights in your existing data, a visual dashboard prototype that communicates the insights effectively, and a list of ideas for future projects.

User Interface
Concept Design

On the basis of the right insights about your customers, we build a modern and user-friendly interface that will boost your brand, settle internal discussions, and improve your customers’ digital experience.

User Interface
Concept Application

Get a live demo ready to run on your preferred platform with a User Interface Concept Application. Impress your customers and persuade decision makers with a physical product in hand.

Proof of Concept

You get thorough validation for the potentials of your digital product idea. We sharpen your concept and deliver a hardware-scoped development proof of concept.


Acquire insights and explore opportunities for innovation in collaboration with your customers or employees in an interactive and fun way.

IT Project
Security Analysis

Identify security threats and access points, analyze their risks, and describe a security strategy for your project driven by your requirements.

User Interface

Do you have a great user interface concept that you would like see come alive, then this is the right way to go forward.

Experience Test

Put your concept to the test with in-person sessions or via remote testing. This enables you to easily and effectively test your concept with potential customers worldwide.

Expert Review

Is your product missing an edge that sets it apart from the competition? Then your product might need a user experience (UX) service-check by our highly skilled UX team.


To deliver top-notch and spot-on products and services, you need to know exactly who your customers are and how they live their lives. We tailor your future products and services to your customers and the way they use them.

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