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At Mjølner Informatics, we are passionate about making businesses grow digitally. We create innovative and holistic digital solutions that add value to your business now – and in the future.

As a software and design consultancy, our almost unlimited skill-set sets us apart. We specialize in Digital Innovation, Customer Research, Experience Design, Cloud Technologies, Internet of Things, and Data Science.

Your Customers First

Your success is our success, and we make sure you reach your full potential. We know from more than 25 years of experience, that the best way to create valuable digital products is by putting the customers center-stage. With this principle in mind, we help a wide variety of businesses reach their potential through knowledge-based design and software development.

From Idea to Digital Product

We take pride in acquainting ourselves with your business, customers, and context. The scene of technology is constantly changing, and it is our job to make sure your business stays ahead. With our knowledge about you and our innovation approach, we take you from idea to digital product. Our products will make your customers happy and help your business grow. We help you think big, but start small.

Diversity at Work

With our unique set of skills, we offer you the full package. Whether you need a digital designer, a software developer, or a user experience consultant, you have come to the right place. We cover everything from business to platform-specific development and give you 360° solutions. You get a flexible and trustworthy partner that knows what is possible within your time and budget.

The Mjølner Spirit

At Mjølner, you get more than just the consultants assigned to your project. We use each other as sparring partners and share experiences, knowledge, and expertise in our daily work. This gives you the brains of 75 creative technologists. Teamwork is what constitutes the collective Mjølner spirit – our greatest strength, and your biggest gain.

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Our History

1988 - 1991

The Foundation of Mjølner Informatics

1992 - 1999

Transition to a Commercial Software Consultancy

2000 - 2003

The Foundation of Hypergenic

2004 - 2006

Embedded Expertise from Agens Embedded Systems

2007 - 2009

Expanding our Toolbox with User Experience

2010 - 2014

Generation Change


A Record-Breaking Year

2016 -

Visions for the Future
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